Aim & Objectives of SYBS

To promote, advance and develop scientific knowledge amongst the researchers and innovators.
To communicate with other scientific and research societies across the globe.
To develop ethical and professional values in young biomedical research scholars.
To provide support in the form of lectures, demonstrations, training, discussions and debates by organizing seminar, symposiums and workshops.
To keep pace with the global standards of scientific innovations and development.
To provide a platform to share the innovations, ideas amongst the researchers and scientists.
To promote the research environment in the biomedical research institutions in India.
To make research in biomedical science more interesting and exciting so more young Undergraduate and postgraduate students will enroll in research field and engage in other research activities like poster presentation, oral presentation and research competition in biomedical sciences.
To make efforts to produce strong collaboration among the educational institutions and research organizations in the country as well as different groups and organizations working with related goals throughout the world.
To provide supportive grants to Postgraduate and PhD students for their research work from 10,000 to 1 00,000 INR depending on the requirements.
To assist and co-operate the other association, Trusts and the various N.G.O. whose aims are same like this society.