Founder Chairman



It’s a great pleasure for me to be the President, Society of Young Biomedical Scientists (SYBS), India. As a PhD Scholar, I feel proud and promise to pay my maximum time and thoughts for the Science and society for encouraging the Young Researcher in the country.

The Society of Young Biomedical Scientists is newly registered one of the best organization of the Young Biomedical Researchers & scientific. This has representation from diverse disciplines of basic and clinical sciences such as Medical Sciences, Dental, Nursing, Pharmacy, Biotechnology, Biomedical Engineering, etc.

I invite all the Young Biomedical Researchers, Scientists and PhD Scholars of the country to be united together under a national platform to build the World Class Biomedical Research in India.

I am thankful to all the previous office bearers of the SYBS and especially to Professor Y. K Gupta sir (Scientific Chairperson of SYBS).

Let us together infuse new enthusiasm in young biomedical researchers to make a world-class biomedical scientist in Indian

I wish the success of the upcoming program.